Minggu, 29 Juni 2014

Age Doesn't Define Maturity

I hate those words.
 "Age doesn't define maturity"
Simply because it's happening to me, now.
I'm 20 this year. But I feel like my attitude, behavior, and all still like a 17 yrs old kiddo.
Honestly I even thinking that I'm more matured when I'm in high school.
It proves when someone asking me for advice, I often got stuck and thinking what advice can I give to them cause first, I've never been there. Second, I'm afraid that my advice will not help because actually what I am going to tell them was only those shitty words that I wrap with wrapping paper.
And then when I'm dealing with probs in front of me. All I can do is.... mad? I never really try to solve my probs like any other adults do. I never really talk to someone to solve the prob.
Geezzzzz. What am I supposed to do?

Senin, 12 Mei 2014


Accident: ˈaksɪd(ə)nt
An unexpected happening, especially an unpleasant one in which people are hurt. 

Yeah, today I got an accident. And I was the victim.
It was all started when I tend to jogging at around GSP building in UGM this afternoon. I was planning to put my bag on my car and started to run. Because the street I acrossed is a one-way street *And everyone knows it is a one-way street  and even the security agreed* I only aware of my right sided. Here you can see the location

And suddenly a really fast motorcycle hits me from my left sided. According to my analysis the motorcycle must be moving around 30km/hrs to 40km/hrs when it hits me. Because when it hits me the sound of the crashes really loud. And then for the next few seconds I feel like my body was thrown 1 meter away from my car. I feel my back aches and I saw some bruises around my feet and left arm. There are some thoughts spinning in my head when I feel my body was thrown to the air, like "What the hell just happened?" "Did I die?" "Am I doing a wrong thing" You will feel like the world has stopped and slow motioned for a while. But once you hit the ground you will come back to your sense.

Then the lady who's riding motorcycle was mad at me saying that I should have pay my attention before I acrossed the street. But I'm still shocked and I couldn't say a thing. And then suddenly some people coming to help us thank God there was also CPR helping us. And the story wasn't stop just right there suddenly the lady said that she was having sort of heart attack. And I'm started to panic. I hurry coming nearer to the lady to apologize *Eventhough I knew I didn't wrong* yet the lady didn't respond me and put an emoticon just like this ---> :-| on her face. Dafuq. And for the next minutes she hopped on to the ambulance and leaving for the hospital. It's funny how either the lady and her son didn't want to settle things happened between me and her. It's funny how people more paying attention to the lady instead of me who was the victim of the accident. No, I didn't ask them to pay attention to me it just.... their act makes me feel like I'm the culprit of the accident. Like I'm the one who's causing the situation huhu. Yet I'm still feeling grateful of what happened today because I'm still fine after the accident I only got some bruises and wound around my feet and arm but after all I'm still okay. I even still able to run one lap after the accident *applause*

Rabu, 07 Mei 2014



Bagi saya, waktu itu seperti udara. 
Tak berwujud. Tak terasa. Tak bernilai. Tetapi dibutuhkan
Waktu itu mengalir ya kaya air. Tak terasa tetapi akan terus berputar. 
Kadang sedih ketika berpikir melihat ke belakang ternyata selama hidup saya, saya sering membuang - buang waktu saya untuk hal tidak berguna.

Rasanya baru kemarin bergabung menjadi Tim MCC Internal IX dengan teman - teman dari ALSA. Dimana satu Tim terdiri dari 16 orang. Ditambah pelatih 2 orang dan ditambah official 2 orang. Latihan berat selama 2 bulan untuk ngeberkas dan mempersiapkan sidang. Tapi kemarin udah pengumuman aja. Terpisah lagi. Ga ketemu lagi. Sedih rasanya ketika kita sudah terikat dan bertemu dengan orang yang sama secara terus menerus setiap hari sudah membangung fondasi kekeluargaan dan harus terpisah.

Kadang pernah berpikir ga kalau waktu jalannya kecepetan? Kenapa dia tidak bisa berjalan melambat supaya kita dapat menikmati momen - momen kehidupan untuk sejenak saja? Meskipun saya tahu sih jawabannya, karena tidak setiap momen - momen di kehidupan kita terasa indah. Bagian yang pahit pasti rasanya ingin dipercepat, but still.

Dari MCC saya banyak belajar menghargai waktu. Bagaimana 1 detik akan merubah nasibmu. Entah itu ketika bersidang entah itu ketika kita ngeberkas. Bagaimana berharganya 1 detik bisa menjadi titik point kemenangan atau kekalahanmu. Bagaimana rasanya melewatkan 82.14 menit dengan rasa yang sangat cepat dan penuh dengan ketegangan.

Dari MCC saya juga belajar kedewasaan. Kalau kata rekan satu Tim saya Indra, "Menjadi tua adalah kewajiban, sedangkan menjadi dewasa adalah pilihan." Adagium ini yang selalu mengingatkan saya ketika sikap kekanak - kanakan saya sedang 'kumat. Terimakasih Indra sudah mengajarkan saya untuk menjadi lebih dewasa dari sebelumnya.

MCC tidak pernah menghentikan langkah saya untuk berkarya. Walaupun se-isi rumah menentang saya karena saya jadi tidak punya waktu dengan keluarga dan pulang malam. Tapi saya tetap merasa MCC sebagai suatu langkah pasti. Never in my life feeling regretful to took part in Moot Court Competition. 

Ini foto rekan - rekan saya yang hebat. Walaupun tahun ini hanya dapat juara 3, Penuntut Umum Terbaik, dan Saksi & Ahli terbaik tapi saya tetap bangga dengan mereka. Bagi saya kalian Juara 1 dan kalian lah yang terbaik.  Terimakasih telah menjadi bagian penting dalam kehidupan saya. Sayang kalian sampai kapanpun. Sampai jumpa di kompetisi peradilan semu lainnya.

Minggu, 16 Maret 2014

Currently in Love with

1. Teza Sumendra
     What I can say about this singer except his voice is a craaay! LOVE ALL OF HIS COVER SONGS. I wish he soon gonna make an album. Here's the link to his sound cloud https://soundcloud.com/tezasumendra 

2. Suddenly September
    Actually I just love this band from her cover of Chocolate High with Teza Sumendra. Here's also the link to their soundcloud SuddenlySeptember

3. Banda Neira
    Well actually I've known about this duo since last october or maybe later than that. They sing harmonized love all of their songs on their CD. And yesterday I got the chance to see them alive. Their voice are really amazing but one thing I'm fortunate from this duo is they still don't know how to react with audiences so in the middle of their break time it felt like awkward like zinc...... haha. But still their performance were mind blowing. I love how they like to turned a poet to a music *I don't know what musikalisasi puisi in English lol*

Rabu, 12 Maret 2014

It's Where My Heart is.

MCC. aka. Moot Court Competition.
It's such a common words in law school student life.
I ever being in the team once back to 2013. What I can say about MCC is it's a reflection of true legal life. You have to come on time, working for paper, reading a lot of books, etc. But one thing that you always found when you're join it is, you will find a new family. I can say it's where my heart at. I love being a geek. I love to be so busy. But my parents never support me. And all the reasons they had is only because I come home late everyday which sounds ridiculous.
I don't know why but I feel like they don't know what's best for me at this point. Well I can understand because they were not legal students. They don't know what a real legal life like. They don't know what we're really working except being in a court and just it. I've explained to them so many times. But their perspective of it is never changed. Dammit.

Minggu, 09 Maret 2014

Best Weekend Ever

Today was my best weekend everrrr! Especially after a long tired week of college and even-though I spent a lot of money but it was okay and it was worth it with the happiness I had today. This week was the first time I feel like college is really no joke. It's getting more serious than the past 3 semesters and I mean it. I almost went to the campus at 7.00 a.m. or 8.30 a.m everyday and went home at 5.00 p.m or 6.00 p.m. huhuhu I want to cry! College is so craay!
Thank God today I can get revenge of the tiredness of this week! And all the plans I've made today was happened accidentally.

First Destination.

Pantai Depok. Because we had class at 7.30 a.m. and my girlfriends and I haven't eat breakfast yet we talked to go somewhere to eat together but we bored to go to restaurant around campus and it suddenly popped out the idea to go to Pantai Depok just to eat seafood. The beach itself is not so far from the city, it only takes 30minutes for me to drive. The seafood itself was soooooo delicious! And I only spend 31K to eat clamps, calamari, and crabs!!! W00h000. Am so thrilled. And then we went to savanna around the beach

The weather was so hot~~~ We only took a few seconds just to take a picture and rushed in to the car. Thank God I still carry my sunglasses so my expression was not as weird as my girlfriend's lol sorry gurls ^.^

Second Destination
Because today is the date of gathering with Funding alsa lc ugm, which we supposedly gathering and rafting at Magelang but it was cancelled due the high cost of the ticket, we decided to have dinner together in a restaurant. And we went to Pasta Banget Signature. The place was really comfortable, cozy, having a really good view, and last but not least LOW PRICE AND TASTE GOOD. Very recommended place to eat with friends and your gf/bf. I only spend 24K for baked pasta and lime juice. And both tasted so good!

Sorry for blurred image. It caused by the bad lightning because we took it in the afternoon. And thanks to whoever invented 'TONGSIS' it really is a genius tool and also useful. Never felt regret of buying it.

Third Destination
Since my friends whining that she's hungry and want to eat and since I have nothing to do at home and the gathering was already ended at 7.30 p.m. I decided to picked them up and went to new cafe around their house. It's "The Captain Cafe". The concept of cafe is brilliant. They designed the cafe like we eat in a plane. Some of the seats are originally the plane seats and there are also cockpit and airport signs for toilets and entrance. Brilliant! And the price is not really expensive too. But the food wasn't really taste delicious yet it's an okay. Here's the view of the cafe

Actually the one at the center is a stage for live music but unfortunately there wasn't live music for today. Too bad. One lack of this cafe is they serve the food for a pretty much time. I assumed it's all because of they didn't have a big kitchen and enough cooks.

Selasa, 04 Maret 2014

Late Birthday Gift

Call me Immature or whatsoever but I'm so happy today because I received a late birthday gift from my very very best friend Evy Putri Soewandari. LOVE HER SO MUCH.

I love her note for me too!!! FYI almost every birthday wishes I got, wishes me to have a successful love life. Idk how to react whether to happy bcs someone wishes me something or sad because it means my love life is a mess LOL.  But dear Evy, I will never ever everrrr gets tired of listening your story. Because that's what a friend do :-)

LOVE THE TEE. It fits to my body. It actually motivates me to lose some weights because YEA-MY-TUMMY-YOU-KNOW-WHAT-IT-LOOKS-LIKE-WHEN-I-WORE-THIS-TEE. HAHAHAHAA. Thank god it don't get to show my legs. LOL.

Minggu, 02 Maret 2014

Make Over

So lately I feel so hot and sick of seeing my long hair. And to do a little part of what-I'm-so-called revolution about my self, today I decided to cut my hair. I want it to look not really short but tidy. So here's the picture but please please please ignore my face.

I guess I just started the chapter one of being 20 years old women. And ready for another chapter. And if you kinda do the same revolution as I do, I'm waiting for your make over too *Lol I'm talking like this blog has reader*